Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Age: 20
Weight: 115lbs
Hips: 36"
Bust: 32 C
Height: 5'5"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Shoe Size: 8.5 / 9
Non union
Self Managed
Work Desired: I am looking to do print work such as magazines and ads, commercials
and music videos, runways and promotional work.

TC - You have a very exotic look where are you from and whats your current location?
AJ - It's funny how often I hear that I have an exotic look. People are always wondering what am I mixed with....As far as i know of I am 100% African American. There might be a slight chance that there is Native American Indian flowing through my blood stream, but as far as I know of I am 100% African American. =)
I was born in Richmond, Ca (Bay Area) and currently reside in Sacramento, Ca.

TC - What made you decide to go into modeling?
AJ - As long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a model. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I remember always saying it anytime a teacher would ask "What do you Want to be when you grow up?!" I love being in front of the camera and creating a striking image. I feel as though it is my destiny to become a model.

TC - Who inspired you and what models do you look up to?
AJ - I look up to models such as Tyra Banks, Eva Pigford and Chanel Iman

TC - Who's your favorite Photographer and who would you like to work with?
AJ - At the moment, I can't really say that I have a favorite photographer although I have worked with a couple of great local ones. I would like to work with Shamayim Photography. His work is fabulous!.

TC - Whats your favorite form of relaxation?
AJ - My favorite form of relaxation is just simply laying down listening to slow jams. I have been trying to get a romantic night to myself with a candle lit bubble bath and slow jams. =)

TC - Who's your favorite designer and Why?
AJ - My favorite designer is Roberto Cavalli because his designs are very sexy, feminine and chic. I love his choice of fabrics and cuts. I also like BCBG Maxazria.

TC - Whats your favorite make-up line?
AJ - I would have to say Cover Girl and MAC

TC - What makes you feel sexy?
AJ - I feel sexy when Im fresh out of the shower and I slip into my boyshorts. I love my boyshorts! I think I love the way they cup my backside and shows just the right amount to make a person say Owwww!! ;-)

TC - Are you single?
AJ - Believe it or not, I AM Single...

TJ - What attracts you to the opposite sex or are you attracted to both?
AJ - I am attracted to males (sorry ladies...) What catches my eyes on the opposite sex is their eyes, luscious lips, a smile that'll make me melt, a body of steel, smooth skin and must have some swag to him. I am even more attracted to intelligent guys who have goals in life and who are always striving to do better. One who has great confidence, positive and knows how to carry himself in public. And I really love the ones who knows how to cater to a lady in every way.. ;-)

TJ - What magazines would you like to be featured in?
AJ - I would like to be featured in magazines such as 944, Show Girl Magazine, Smooth, King, XXL. It would be an honor if I can be featured in a high fashion magazine such as Vogue and Elle!

TJ - What was your favorite photo shoot and why?
AJ - My favorite photoshoot was one I did for a local Hair Salon (Spanish Fly) shot by Tom Huynh. It was just a crazy atmosphere and the people were really fun to work with. I was constantly laughing throughout the shoot at their crazy shinanigans!.

TJ - What did you go to school for?

AJ - I am currently in school working towards a degree in fashion production and merchandising.

TJ - What contributions have you given back to society?

AJ - I have donated many clothes and furniture throughout the years to Salvation Army in hopes that they can provide the clothes that i donate to those who are less fortunate than me who cannot afford them under whatever circumstance it may be.
I have also donated to local charities such as the Boys and Girls Club and to the Sacramento Food Bank...

TJ - If you could change one thing about peoples perceptions of models what would it

AJ - I would change the perception that urban models are "video hoes". I dont understand why some people tend to believe that if you are in a rapper's music video that you must have done some "adult activities" to get the part and that is definitely not the case! Many of these women actually attend casting calls with several other women with a portfolio in hand hoping to be chosen for the part. The ones who constantly get chosen for many videos obviously is out shining the rest and bringing the energy to the castings calls in which casting directors are looking for. The models in these videos are doing the same thing as an actress is doing in a movie: playing a role. It is just unfair that urban models are looked down upon compared to Fashion Models, Victoria Secret Models and actresses.

TJ - Whats next for you?
AJ -I have a couple of shoots lined up as well as fashion shows. Also I am going to be making an appearance in a major recording artist music video soon. (shhh.. it's a secret!)I am currently working on building up my portfolio and getting signed to an agency.Working on getting more magazine features... And last but not least... Getting the world to know who is Ahjinae!!

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