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Campus Girls USA is a national calendar in which the 504 girls selected to be featured are broken up into a calendar for each of the six college football conferences according to the school they attend, (82 girls per football conf. calendar). For instance, I'll be featured in the ACC calendar because I attend Harvard. I was selected as a "wild card" because Harvard isn't exactly in any of the football conferences.

The calendar itself started in 2006 by Trevor Debth who basically took out a huge business loan to pay for the expenses in the production of the calendar. His concept was to develop a Sports Illustrated type swimsuit/fashion calendar. Trevor and his team are traveling across the country to do the photoshoots. Trevor is actually the photographer.

The very special thing about this calendar is that 100% of the profits go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Literally 100%. The organization is not-for-profit and Trevor is doing this on his own dime ... or the bank loan to be even more specific! Last year, they donated approximately $18,000 and are listed on the Foundation's site as being a major donor. This year's goal is to raise over $100,000.

Currently, the calendar is being pre-sold for $11.99 and will be $14.99 when it is officially released in September.

Even if people don't want to buy the calendar because they have no use for it, they can purchase one to be sent over to the soldiers in Iraq.

To the best of my knowledge, over 5000+ girls applied to be in the calendar this year and approximately 504 were picked to be featured. Casey Carlson, who was a contestant on American Idol was also featured in this calendar 2~ years ago.

For being featured in the calendar, each girl is required to sell 100 calendars. There's been previous years in which girls have taken advantage of this calendar, had their photoshoot, got the prints and didn't help to raise any money. Hence the 100 calendar per calendar girl new rule!

It would be greatly appreciated by me if people would purchase the calender through my pre-order link: OR make sure to put my name, Lily Chow, in the "referred by" box so I can put it towards my 100 count. Also, my pre-order link which has my reference number embedded within it will ensure you receive the right calendar that I will be featured in, the ACC calendar.

I'm trying to blow this up not only because of my quota, but also because the breast cancer issue has hit home.

Everyone's love, help and support for this cause is greatly appreciated by me and by the Campus Girls organization.


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