Friday, July 24, 2009




Age: 20
Weight: 135 lbs
Hips: 40"
Bust: 34D
Thighs: 22.5"
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: BLACK
Shoe Size: 7.5
Self Managed
Work History:

1.TC - You have a very exotic look where are you from and whats your current

TN -I'm from Atlanta, GA, and was raised my whole life between there and Orange County, CA. I live full time in OC now, but my exotic looks come from my very mixed ancestry. I'm Black, Puerto Rican, Asian, French and Irish.

2.TC - What made you decide to go into modeling?

TN -I actually just sort of "fell into" modeling. A photographer contacted me through myspace before i ever had any professional photos and said he liked my look and wanted to photograph me. Once i had that set of professional photos, more photographers started contacting me, and it sort of just snowballed into what it is now!

3.TC - Who inspired you and what models do you look up to?

TN -When i first got into the business, I knew nothing about it (since it wasnt my aspiration to be a model at first), but as i got more involved in the industry i started following the careers of women like Monique Minor, Rosa Acosta, Nilanti Narain (who i've had the pleasure to get to know), Brooke Bailey, Vanessa Veasley and Suelyn. All of these women are beautiful with
personalities to match, and they're all doing big and admirable things right now!

4.TC - Who's your favorite Photographer and who would you like to work with?

TN -Its REALLY hard for me to pick just one favorite photographer, theres so many talented ones out there both famous and non-famous. David LaChapelle is of course a genius, and aside from him I love the work of Nick Saglimbeni of Slickforce Studios and Ryan Dwyer (Spanish Maxim) and can't wait to work with both of them in the near future.

5.TC - Whats your favorite form of relaxation?
TN -For me, a glass of my favorite wine (Moscato D'Asti) and my favorite desert(White chocolate mango creme brulee) complete with a bubble bath, candles, and smooth music is my idea of heaven.

6.TC - Who's your favorite designer and Why?
TN -Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Roberto Cavalli and Rock & Republic are my favorite designers. They're super edgy and sexy, and that totally fits my style so I can never go wrong with them! I call them my "Fantastic Four"

7.TC - Whats your favorite make-up line?

TN -My two favorites are NARS and Make Up For Ever Professionals. They're both probably the best kept secrets in the industry. I rarely ever use MAC anymore for shoots or for my every day makeup needs. It's all about NARS and Make Up For Ever for me!

8.TC - What makes you feel sexy?
TN -Being naked makes me feel sexy. I love walking around natural, and whenever I can I do. I think women have such beautiful form and I love seeing mine unobstructed. Also, taking care of my man makes me feel sexy. Whether its cooking him dinner or rubbing his back, if I know I'm making him feel taken care of, that makes me feel super sexy.

9.TC - Are you single?
TN -Sorry gentlemen (and ladies), I'm very un-single and very happy.

10.TC -What attracts you to the opposite sex or are you attracted to both?

TN -I'm very attracted to both sexes. I think women are some of the most sexy beautiful creatures in the world. Curves, eyes and smile on a woman always intrigue me. I'm a straight woman, but I definitely appreciate and admire women as well! As far as men go, I love a man who is confident and knows how to assert power without being overbearing. I like successful men with goals and aspirations. And a sexy body, tattoos (the more the better!) and a beautiful smile make me weak no matter what

11.TC -What magazines would you like to be featured in?

TN -SHOW Magazine is what i'm currently aiming for...and in the future I would love to see myself featured in Maxim, FHM, Stuff, Smooth, Black Mens Magazine,XXL, and King (online of course...RIP to the print version! lol)

12.TC -What was your favorite photo shoot and why?
TN -I recently had a photo shoot with my regular photographer Joseph Rivera. I've shot with him countless times and he's always a pleasure to work with! I was shooting mass content for my website that I'm soon launching, and I LOVED the results! My hair, makeup, accessories and lingerie were different from any shoot i had done before and i was thrilled with the results! So far, thats been my favorite shoot to date!

13.TC -What did you go to school for?

TN -I went to school as an English major and completed with a degree. Now I'm currently in the middle of training for the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department.

14.TC-What contributions have you given back to society?

TN-I've had the pleasure and fortune to work with a couple of foundations such as the "DeShawn Snow Foundation", "You Go Girl!", and Tyra Bank's "T-Zone", all of which focus on empowerment and enrichment of young girls self-esteems. I know that its difficult for young girls to grow up in a society that values perfection so much. As a model, I know first hand that 99.9% of the "perfect" women that girls see in media arent even close to being that perfect in reallife. I think its important as models, for us to reach out to these girls and
show them that we arent nearly as perfect as out retouched images sometimes
display. Its important for them to see us, and see that we're just like them and that theyre acceptable and beautiful just the way they are.

15.TC-If you could change one thing about peoples perceptions of models what would
it be?

TN-I would change the perception that we're unintelligent. I've become close with a lot of models in this industry, and you would be so surprised to know how many of us have degrees. So many models do so much more than pose. Way more goes on behind the scenes. Countless models are also managing their own careers, running businesses, and being all-around businesswomen and entrepreneurs. If anything, it takes a very INTELLIGENT woman to be successful
in this industry. Essentially, models are single-handedly making themselves
brands and household names these days.

16.TC-Whats next for you?

TN-I'm currently in the process of working on my solo album! I've been a recording artist for a few years now but took a break to focus on modeling.Now I'm back in the studio, and you should be hearing some new stuff from me very soon!

CONTACT: "Tia Nicole" For Shoots Spreads Etc..