Monday, October 19, 2009



Location: Virginia
Birthday: December 14th, Sagittarius
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 135lbs.

Personal Information:

PARTIES!!!! Spending time with friends & fam, Twittering, Reading, Music, Traveling, Movies, Laughing My Ass Off!!!
Interests: Meeting NEW people, Trying NEW things, Networking + Promotions
Favorite TV Shows: REALITY ---> My secret sin... Favorite Movies: Comedy, Action, Drama

About MS Parker Can You Tell Us About You "In Your Own Words":


My name is Minda and I'm 24 years young. I'm confident, both inside & out. And I party for a living. Hahahaha, well yeah in a way. I am a consultant/promoter/promotional model for an award-winning promotions company here in Virginia (Darknight Ent Official Street Promotions) and when I'm around, people ALWAYS have a good time. I'm intelligent, so I think that impresses some, intimidates some, but it's almost always a game-changer.

I can be bossy and I'm a Sag, so freedom is essential and I really can't stand a lot of "extra". I don't like to feel tied down or restricted. I make my own way. I enjoy my "me" time just as much as I enjoy time with anyone else.

I have A LOT of friends, but I am one of those people that can tell by my first observation whether I'd like to make your acquaintance or whether I feel that knowing you is a complete and total waste of my time. Do I always trust that observation? No. But, when I'm completely over someone (as a person), I'm over them. You've got to have thick-skin to work with me and you will rarely ever see me cry. Anger is the only emotion that brings me to tears....

My opinion has a way of showing up in my facial expressions, or so I'm told. I say whatever I think....some think I'm being an asshole, but most people WANT & ENJOY having me around because I will be the ONLY one to say what EVERYONE else is already thinking.

I never shy away from a challenge, so bring on the competition!!! I'm sporty and athletic, and I HATE to lose. I know what I want and I know how to get it.

I'm ex-military and camo print has never brought out my best features, so I decided to spice things up a bit. I'm multi-faceted, so I RARELY look the same for too long. I'm always changing something. And despite what you may see in some pics, I really hate dressing up. I'm a jeans & tee + flip-flops kinda-girl. A Cali-kinda-girl at heart. But I DO know to bring a stylish, sexy flair to my parties...I'm the crazy, sexy, always cool additive to ANY mix....

I don't wanna be the 'cool chick' in the business....I want to be the "BEST'".

Well, that's "me" in a nutshell, but feel free to watch this while YOU decide....

Some call me Minda....but you can call me Miss Parker Baby!!! ;-)

Contact Information:
Phone: (757) 952-6116