Thursday, June 11, 2009


LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia
HEIGHT: 5' 9''
WEIGHT: 150 lbs.
MEASUREMENTS: 38 - 28 - 42
EYE COLOR: Blue/Green
ETHNICITY: Costa Rican, French & Polish
SHOE: 8.5

TC - What is your favorite fashion line or designer?
KB - Michael Kors, Azzure & Gucci

TC - Who makes to best fitting jeans?
KB - PZI Jeans and Azzure Denim....Both are Amazing Fits!!

TC - Who makes the hottest shoes/boots?
KB - Gucci, Pucci, Enzo and Michael Kors

TC - What is car of choice?
KB - BMW 645 and/or 650

TC - What fragrance do you just HAVE to have?
KB - Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

TC - Which company kills it with the purses?
KB - Gucci, Chloe and Michael Kors

TC - Which is your comfort food?
KB - My Homemade Mac n' Cheese

TC - What’s your favorite brand of gum?
KB - New Trident White....Its Yummy and Whitens Teeth!!

TC - What brand of weave do you swear by?
KB - LoL.....None Needed Here, All Natural Baby!!

TC - What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
KB - Vanilla Ice Cream, but I LOVE Sherbert most.

TC - What is your Favorite lip gloss?
KB - Victoria's Secret Minty Lip Shine....It is the BOMB!!
I Hate MAC Lip Gloss, It is way way way too Sticky!!!

TC - Which is the best hair stylist/salon in your city?
KB - Well, I Just Moved to ATL from Chicago, I have Yet to Find a Great Stylist
Here, but In Illinois....Hands Down to Sue Connor in McHenry, IL at Salon
Artistex......She is AMAZING!!!

TC - What you drinking mami?
KB - Rose Mo' and Hypnotiq.......Those are ALL I will Drink!!

TC - What is you choice of chocolate?
KB - Dove or Godiva.....Both are Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

TC - What is your favorite pair of sunglasses?
KB - This Pair I got in South Beach for $5....I Wouldnt Trade them for NO other Pair
in the for $5, I think their Lifespand may be cut short
soon. lol

TC - Where do you buy your sexxxiest lingerie?
KB - La Perla

TC - When snuggling with your honey, what cologne would you want to smell him in?
KB - The Original Curve.....FOR SURE.....Ughhh, I Love when he wears his Curve, and
He KNOWS It......IT'S ON!!! lmao

TC - What brand of jeans fits your dude the way you want it to?
KB - His True Religion's.......Mmmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm!!

TC - What kind of men do your feel are in "Good Taste"?
KB - HONEST Men with No Kids and a Job. lmao

TC - When shopping what do you wet your taste buds with?
KB - A Starbucks Venti Chai

TC - What's your favorite bath/shower gel?
KB - Dial Aloe & Yogurt Body Wash.....Only $6, and It is the Shhh!!!

TC - What's your favorite skin care system?
KB - Mario Badescu.....They are My Savior to Skin Care.

TC - What is your favorite dessert?
KB - TCCreme Brulee and Red Velvet Cake.....Yum Yum Yum!!

TC - What's your favorite kind of flower?
KB - White and Pink Roses...or Smooth Phlox's.....I Love them!!

TC - What's your favorite make-up to use?
KB - MAC of Course....except the Lip Gloss and Mascerra.....I Use Cover Girl Lash
Exact Mascerra....It NEVER Clumps....It is Great!!

TC - What is your favorite show to watch on TV?
KB - Girlfriends and 48 Hours....or Anything on Court TV.

TC - What's your most effective exercise move that's sure to get results?
KB - Sit Ups and Running. I Run 2-3 Miles everyday.....It is the Best a Woman can do
for her body to stay in Shape and Keep It there!!!

Check out more Kaira B on her site, her myspace "here" twitter "here" or her model Mayhiem "here"

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Type Of Work Available For:

Parts Modeling
Art/Body Paint
Extreme Sports
Fine Arts
Black and White


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